Gold Magic Spiral Pan Replacement


The Gold Magic 17 inch Replacement Spiral Pan

Gold Magic has a lifetime pan replacement policy to replace the Gold Magic Spiral Pan for any reason. To use this program for pan replacement you need to send us the pan you want replaced. We will send you the new pan. For shipments outside the lower 48 states an additional shipping charge may apply. 

Send the original wheel to:

Gold Magic
PO Box 96683
Las Vegas, NV 89193

GM-Part-4275 Replacement  $35.00

Special Circumstances:

You can save money on the cost of returning your original pan if you cut, or break, it up into smaller pieces so that it will fit into a smaller box. 

If you have a unique situation so that you do not have the original pan, like it was lost in a fire, call or send an email explaining the problem. We can usually provide the replacement wheel without your needing to send the original wheel. 

GM-Part-4275 Replacement

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