12 Volt Charger Adapter # GM-9135


Cigarette Plug 12 Volt Charger Adapter

12 volt charger adapter - plugs into any 12 volt cigarette lighter type plug in your car, truck, ATV, boat or RV. Has a quick connect plug to attach to the Accessory Connector Wiring on the Gold Genie 12E and 12-10 models. 

The cigarette lighter type plug is protected by an in-line fuse which is replaceable.

The Accessory Wiring connector in the Gold Genie 12-E and 1210 models is connected directly to the battery so that this auxiliary power connection will charge the battery without the 3 way switch being in the charge position. Therefore the battery can be charged while the machine is running. 

Item # GM-9135   MSRP  $19.95

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