Cap Style Hands Free Magnifier


Cap Style Hands Free Magnifier

Hands Free!  Perfect for panning very small pieces of gold.

These cap style magnifiers have a one size-fits all Velcro style closure to firmly but comfortably attach the magnifier to your head for hands free work. Lenses are crystal clear light weight acrylic. Cap style magnifiers have a fixed standard three-dimensional lens and a fold-in fold-out snap action secondary lens. Perfect for working with fine gold, jewelry, examining ore specimens or any close up work where hands free magnification is required. Can be worn with or without glasses. The primary lens has a 1.8 X magnification, second lens brings the total magnification to 2.3 X, and an additional one inch round magnifier swings down to provide a total possible magnification of 3.7 X or 4.8 X .

#-5190    $6.95

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